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Luminous Skin for Life

RATIONALE has established itself as the platinum standard in modern, luxury skincare and is Australia’s leading luxury skincare brand delivering trademark luminosity that is instantly recognised and desired. RATIONALE has transformed the skin and beauty landscape of Australia, delivering Luminous Skin for Life through luxurious, results-driven formulations that deliver on their promises.

Clifton Hill Dermatology is a founding RATIONALE partner and has worked in conjunction with RATIONALE since the brand’s launch in 1992.

Our Dermatologists and cosmetic practitioners prescribe RATIONALE as the perfect conduit between beauty and medicine.

Every RATIONALE prescription is built around the Essential Six; a ground-breaking luxury skincare regime that draws on world-leading Australian solar skincare research to deliver all of the active ingredients your skin needs to protect and repair sun damage and maintain
healthy, glowing skin for life.

Created with Skin Identical Technology, the Essential Six formulations work synergistically with skin - and each other - to deliver the perfect combination of active ingredients at the correct concentration to be recognised and utilised by skin cells to achieve unprecedented results.

The system is simple – three steps in the morning to protect and three steps at night to repair. The result is Luminous Skin for Life.

If you can’t make it to the practice you can purchase Rationale online at www.rationale.com.

Remember to enter Clifton Hill Dermatology’s unique Doctor code (Doctor Code: 2057-RA10) when creating or updating your Rationale online profile to allow us to track your prescribed treatment plan.