COVID-19 Updates, Guidelines, and Prevention Measures in our Practice

Clifton Hill Dermatology has established appropriate measures in response to COVID-19 by following the guidelines provided by the Department of Health, Human Services Victoria and the Australasian College of Dermatologists. This is to ensure our patients have access to quality care whilst reducing the exposure risk to themselves, other patients, and our staff. The situation remains active and is subject to change; therefore we will endeavor to update our patients on a regular basis in accordance with Government guidelines. Below is an update detailing the measures we are taking to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission:

1. We ask you to call the practice on 03 9486 2400 to re-arrange your appointment if any of the following applies: ‍

-  you have cold or flu like symptoms, a fever, cough, headache, sudden loss of sense of smell or taste, or are short of breath.
- you have returned from international travel in the last 14 days, are in mandatory isolation, have recently visited a Tier 1 or2 exposure site or have had contact with a known COVID-19 positive case.
- are immunosuppressed or have serious underlying medical problems.
2. We ask that you attend your appointment alone if possible. Patients may be contacted by reception staff and asked to wait in their car for a text message prior to entering the clinic.

3. We ask that you sanitise your hands before entering and leaving the practice, before and after touching personal possessions and practice items such as a clipboard, pen, phone, credit card.

4. We ask our patients to adhere to the 1.5 metre distancing rule at all times.

5. We ask you wear a mask at all times whilst in the practice.

6. Please call the practice in advance if you have a mask or vaccine exemption.

7. If you are attending the practice for a cosmetic appointment you will have to present your COVID vaccination certificate when entering the practice for the appointment to go ahead.

Our Practice:
Management and staff of Clifton Hill Dermatology undertake the following hygiene and social distancing measures to reduce the spread of infection:

1. We wash or sanitise our hands before and after every patient as per usual practice.

2. We supply hand sanitiser for staff and patient use in all clinical and non-clinical areas.

3. We continue to sterilise our equipment as per usual practice.

4. We wipe down all equipment, practice items and furniture with alcohol wipes and hospital grade disinfectant as per usual practice. We have increased cleaning protocols for all clinical and non-clinical areas.

5. Staff working in clinical areas will wear appropriate PPE.

6. Our reception staff will ask you fill out a COVID-19 form and take your temperature upon your arrival.

7. The reception area floor is taped 1.5m away from the reception desk and plexiglass barriers are in place.

8. We ask that you use a cashless payment method if possible.

9. Our waiting room and procedure rooms are appropriately set out to adhere to social distancing rules.

10. Our staff will stay home if unwell.

All management and staff at Clifton Hill Dermatology thank you for helping us to minimise the spread of COVID-19. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the practice on 03 9486 2400.

For all additional information regarding COVID-19 please visit: